Financial abuse is extremely common amongst survivor stories.  Money is a critical resource in independence and leaving abusers.  So, go-figure that would be one of the first things abusers will cut off from their victims. 

Rob Wrubel, leading expert in Financial Planning speaks with us today, giving some tips and tricks to getting out of abusive households, getting back on your feet. and feeling financially secure and independent after restarting your life!

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With Coronavirus (Covid-19) spiking everyday, and nobody having solidified answers, this is the time that is the most dangerous.  But not because of the virus, because of the stress and hysteria.  Now is the time that abusers thrive on... there's LITERALLY no way for their victims to leave.  

Instead of fighting, looting, rioting and spreading hatred, let's come together as a community and help each other survive and thrive!


In my series, Breaking Through the Silence, real survivors of abuse and assault speak out about their events, and how they've healed.  

Today, I'm reading a passage from Breaking Through the Silence: The Journey to Surviving Sexual Assault, Chapter 18: Will You Become One of My Friday Night Regulars, on page 62!  Feel free to follow along.

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Abuse and assault are always about power and control.  There are various methods to overpower the victim, and take control of their life and their bodies: the Cycle of Abuse and Six main methods of Abuse - Verbal, Emotional/Psychological, Financial, Spiritual, Sexual, and Physical.  Abusers create an unhealthy, toxic environment that traps and isolates survivors. 


In a continuation of the conversation with Mike from last week, we discuss more situations in cinema where there are prevalent themes of sexual assault, domestic violence, and pedophilia, and how it is portrayed in our society.


Movies and Television often use sexual assault and domestic violence themes as either comedic relief, or savagery, to develop characters. 

Mike Sellari, Director, writer, and producer, discusses with us the many different instances where Violence and Assault plays a role in shaping our culture!

Today, we are joined with author Dr. Leonie H. Mattison.  She is an organizational and talent development practitioner, author of the books The Thread: Imperfect Steps to a God-ordained Purpose and Beside Still Waters 21-day Devotional as well as creator of The T.H.R.E.A.D Six-Step System to help survivors free themselves from past trauma and live an abundant life. 

She is the recipient of the 2018 18th Annual Pacific Coast Business Times “40 Under 40 Award” recognizing the forty best and brightest transformational leaders on the Central Coast under the age of forty.

We are talking about her experiences and healing journey!  She offers some amazing healing techniques and insight about how to love yourself again after abuse!  

Is it Love or Abuse? A question that we unfortunately have to ask ourselves about certain interactions with specific people?


We often make excuses for the people we love, and their behaviors towards us, because we love them, and they tell us that they love us too.. But actions speak louder than words. In this episode, we discuss situations and characteristics of loving, healthy relationships, in comparison to toxic and abusive relationships.


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January 29, 2020

Episode 4 : Talking Stalking

Stalking is underrated.  Not because it's a fun thing to do.  But because we usually don't look at it as, as serious of an issue as it is.  Stalking is dangerous and psychologically damaging. But more than that, it's taking your safest places and turning them into your worst nightmares.  

Join me, to discuss how stalking impacts its victims, and how the Netflix show YOU is a heart-wrenching and accurate depiction of what victims and survivors go through! 

What other people say to and about us can really hurt us... or so we think.  Words only have power if you give them power.  And so, our self-talk, or what we tell ourselves after someone insults us, is what truly, deeply cuts us open and hurts us.  

Abusers will say and do anything to break us down and give themselves the upper hand to control and manipulate us.  So, let's change the way we talk to ourselves!  It's the first true step in building ourselves back up after abuse!! 


Change the way you speak to and about yourself, and you'll change your entire outlook on life!  Want to live your life with more confidence?  Here's how!

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